New Agile Games Training

Faire jouer des adultes pour apprendre… est-ce bien sérieux…? Et bien oui ! Et diablement efficace qui plus est.

J’ai le plaisir de vous annoncer que je lance une nouvelle formation ! Une formation ou nous apprendrons uniquement…par le jeu.

Voici plus de détails ci-dessous.

Contenu de cette formation

Lors de cette formation, vous apprendrez de manière ludique différents thèmes. En effet, cette formation sera uniquement composée d’activités pratiques, de jeux, de simulations business et de jeux de rôles.

Quelques exemples de thèmes traités ci-dessous:

  • Mettre en place une collaboration au sein d’un groupe

Bruno Sbille’s Scrum Blog moves to Facebook.


You may have noticed that my Blog has become less and less active over the years. Indeed I’m missing time to blog more. On the other hand I always have a lot to share with you. An interesting feedback, a link to an exceptional tool or an interesting video. That’s why I decided to change media and now use a Facebook page. It will be updated much more frequently and you can also find the activities I organize. Training, User Groups, Conferences etc …

The publications are made in public mode so you can access them even if you do not have a Facebook account.

Agile Tour Brussels – Free entrance and discount codes !!

Agile Tour Brussels, next Friday, Sept 23rd @The Egg – Brussels!

Have a look at the speaker line-up of the Agile Tour Brussels, great talks and amazing speakers from all over Europe.

It’ll take place in our brand new location, The Egg in the center of Brussels!

Grab your ticket now at or leave us a message on our Facebook page :

I have 5 free tickets and reduced price tickets for the others! ;-) interested? Contact François !

See you there!

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Conference: Reinventing Organizations

The Book.

In the Agile community, since last year, we talk more and more about the book “Reinventing Organizations” by Frederic Laloux.

In his book, Frederic speaks of a new way of organizing business. Through Self-management where people can be themselves and by doing something that makes sense.

Sweet Utopia you say? Well not exactly! Everything Frédéric quotes in his book, was observed in real organizations. Without knowing each others, they have established joint mechanisms, going in the same direction. And everything is (very) profitable.

Want to know more? I invite you to look at his conference: