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I’m involved into IT  and Business Consultancy for more than 13 years now.

Beside my job of project leader, during the past 6 years I succeeded to discover and manage new tools such as Scrum, Agile, NLP method, Coaching, “People Management” and various creativity techniques.

Some of my passions :

  • “Project mode & Project culture” team working.
  • Problem identification – suggestion of personalized and adequate solutions.
  • People coaching to help them reach defined objectives.


I’m mainly active on three areas :

1. Offer of a tailor-made training on specific item(s)

2. Offer of development based on an existing catalog

3. Suggestion of innovative trainings

See below for some examples of already provided trainings.




I have an excellent knowledge of the business/companies world.

Thanks to my project management experience, I could cover different types of methodologies (such as Prince2, PMI, Agile/Scrum) in various company structures. I was therefore able to get coaching tools which I used in a serie of concrete and real life situations.

Please refer below to get an overview (not limited) of the services I can offer.

Examples of  already provided trainings :

  • Project management : the best of various methods
  • Consultants guidance to the company business development
  • NLP for (project) management
  • Effective Time Management
  • Introduction to the “Agile” methodology (how can Agile help me in my project, my organization ?)
  • Scrum training (most frequently used AGILE method)
  • “Another useless meeting…”
  • Project management – The human dimension
  • Management & leadership styles
  • “Nothing is working !!! Why not drawing it ?”
  • Give and get feedbacks
  • Examples of brainstorming techniques

Examples of coaching interventions and tools (personally used)

  • Organization and animation of team-building
  • Project manager Coaching (junior – senior)
  • Helping to organize a Team, a Department in a “project mode”
  • Audit, workshop management
  • NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming)
  • The NLP “Meta-programs”
  • Leadership & Management styles
  • Politic games around a project / manipulators
  • Structure of the personality
  • Visualization and Creativity
  • Train the trainer / the speaker
  • Career evolution and motivation


Speaker for the following conferences: Agile France 2011, Agile Games Boston, Scrum SUG,…

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Bonjour, fraîchement certifié ITIL Foundation et IT Manager depuis 7 années sur Liège. J’aimerai m'”étoffer” avec une formation AGILE-SCRUM (Management IT). Où puis-je suivre ce type de formation ?

Bien à vous,
Marco Ruzziconi

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