0/5 Five keys to succeed in your Agile/Scrum projects

Five keys...

I’m for the moment working on a serie of posts. Theme will be: “Five keys to succeed in your Agile/Scrum projects”.

The idea is to suggest five principles which, if implemented, will greatly increase your chances of success on a project using Scrum or methods Agile. Those posts will be based on various sources (training, coaching, feedback, lessons learned) . You can also apply these principles on a waterfall project using Prince2 or PMI.

Articles will cover Scrum principles, Agile principles but also other things like coaching principles or NLP concepts.

Web portals Made with Agile and Scrum

Portal about mobility in Belgium

On  December 16th, we have deployed the third version of our two Web portals. Brussels Mobility and Brussels Public Spaces.

I can already hear you asking me… “but what are the new features in this version 3 ?” … here they are!


> Integration of a search engine
> Maps in full screen
> Better visibility of icons on the map (homepage)
> Integration of an interactive map concerning bike (Villo, bike shops, regional cycle routes, cycling points ,…)
> Integration of an interactive map car (Cambio stations, parking information with real-time transit parking ,…)
> Module Survey
> Free Widget (space to advertise for a contest or other)
> Development of the video feature
> Adding online forms (Taxis)

Scrum and Agile methods as a Business opportunity !

how to get to use Scrum at the client's place
how to get to use Scrum at the client's place

So there it is, you’ve discovered Scrum! You’ve talked with other colleagues or friends, you read a lot of blog and articles. Your stuff is ready, you read books until you felt asleep. You have selected a project that you could … no … that you want to achieve using Scrum! You are so ready !

Scrum Video: Scrum works in the real world

[EDIT: Link has changed, please use this one: https://vimeo.com/126345734]

Here it is !

A 5 minute video which is a feedback on Scrum. The idea was to make a fun team activity (the creation of the video) while promoting a methodology (Scrum) that we find effective. We also wanted to link to an existing project and not just a video explaining the concept.

This movie was realized during a project using the scrum methodology. This was a great experience during 6 months: an experience sharing, exchange, a little bit stress but lots of good humor and with finally 2 Web Portals.