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Usually when I start an Agile “Mission” my first concern is to understand how the company works. How the different business departments collaborate together.

A few months ago I was just in this step. I met 30 people from all departments of the company. And so I was there with plenty of feedbacks wondering “How will I use these information”.

Basically I just asked them to explain me their job and how they contribute to a project within the company. I also asked them what works well and what are the main problems.

Toolbox: A list of Agile & Lean links

The missing link ?


You will find in this post some Agile and Lean links that I use most.


Do you need Agile templates ? Templates of Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog and Scrum Tools: http://bit.ly/btxh6S

The Scrum Checklist: This is so Simple and Powerful… http://www.crisp.se/scrum/checklist

User Story Mapping Workshop by Jeff Patton http://bit.ly/knsOdj

The key to effective problem solving is to first make sure you understand the problem that you are trying to solve – why it needs to be solved, how you will know when you’ve solved it, and what the root cause is. This what A3 thinking is all about: http://www.crisp.se/henrik.kniberg/cause-effect-diagrams.pdf

2/5 Personality of the different actors (Five keys to succeed in your Agile/Scrum projects)

Personality aspects of team members

This post is part of the series Five keys to succeed in your Agile/Scrum projects. It follows 1/5: Team is “multi-tasks”.

Despite the best technologies or tools you can use on your project, the energy and team-spirit of your team is the key to succeed a project. Here are some tips to set up your Scrum team.

You’ll find below some tools used to identify your team members and coach them.

Active or Passive attitude

Active or Passive ?

What is an active or passive behaviour? And how do you identify it?

Agile and NLP: eyes, ears, feelings and the dramatical triangle

The Persecutor (from french movie: "Oui mais...")

This post is my feedback on the Agile France conference . This conference took place in June 2010 in Paris.

It is also the opportunity to publish the presentation slides.

This keynote has been filmed and the movie should be published on The Agile France website.

My feedback

I have liked

  • The place, nice for exchange and chats
  • The technical team who helped me for my keynote
  • The different presentations especially those from Alexandre Boutin, Pascal Van Cauwenberghe and Guillaume Duquesnay
  • Different people I’ve met between the sessions

Agile Games Conferences

Agiles Games

Agile Games are more and more used… What do we mean by Agile Games ?

An Agile Game is a game that you can play with a team. Usually the game has quite simple rules. The interactions between players during the game give you a great learning experience.

It is related to Serious Gaming. It’s quite simple. The Human Being learn very well when he plays. More and more games are used in companies, during trainings, during coaching sessions… to learn and experience.

La gestion des risques en mode Agile

How to avoid an intervention...

This is a guest blog post from Giuliano Abraini…

Hi everyone, you all know the popular saying: “a project manager not managing risks is under big risks…”.  No? Well it’s mine anyway!  But still it does make a lot of sense right?

Anyway, you folks are experienced project managers so you do know how important is to carefully manage all the risks during your project’s cycle.  If not, some bad surprises could eventually occur and lead your project to a dead-end way.