Agile Coaching & Training (and more…)

Let's go...

September is the time for Scrum & Agile in Belgium to come back !

Maybe you have notice that this Blog woke up end of august after some months of inactivities. Here we go again, i have some posts almost ready to publish.

Some brand news also regarding…me. I relaunch my coaching and training activities. You will find a brand new page on this subject here: Coaching & Training. This topic will give you more concrete on my services. I’ve also updated my Contact page. If you want to work with me, well i’m available.

I will also join two Agile conferences in France. In October @ L’Agile Tour à Marseille and in November, if my session is validated, @ Agile Grenoble

On the Business side i’ve now created my own company and i’ve joined the Agilar network.

I wish you all the best !


Photo by Manitoba49

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