Scrum and Agile are taught at school !

Scrum in class
Scrum in class

A few months ago, via a comment on our Scrum Video, i met Jim. He is teacher in University (North Carolina – USA) and asked me if we had a “copyright free” version of our Scrum Video. Indeed Red Hot Chili Peppers, music on our Scrum Video is blocked by youtube, for a copyright issue. After some emails, i learned that Jim was teaching Agile and Scrum courses at University in collaboration with one of IBM’s leaders for their use of Agile.

Personally i was very happy to learn that future consultants, project managers, developers,… can be so soon in touch with Agile techniques.

So we did a new version of the video with another songs. And a few days ago, i’ve learned that the video, this blog and the project we have achieved is now part of a homework given to students ! See attachment below, Section 4.

I’m glad that a teacher use different support (Video, Internet, Blog,…) to make a homework more dynamic, interactive,… hmmm let’s say “Agile” ;-)

Click to download
Click to see the homework (creative commons)

If you want to contact Jim here are the coordinates

Jim Yuill – jimyuill at pobox dot com

Find here the new version of the video Scrum Methodology an Agile Movie (HD).



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He Wang


Great video! Thank you very much!

I am a student in this class. Maybe they will be answered through my course later as well, but I guess you won’t mind my asking: does the distribution of individual’s skill set and/or level have any effects on the execution of your scrum? how and when do you invest resources in training to get your team up-to-date with their skill sets? Thanks!




Hello He,

i’m not sure i understand what you mean with “the distribution of individual’s skill set and/or level” Do you mean personality, technical skills (like analyst profile, developer profile, webdesigner profile) of the teams member ?



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