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Portal about mobility in Belgium

On  December 16th, we have deployed the third version of our two Web portals. Brussels Mobility and Brussels Public Spaces.

I can already hear you asking me… “but what are the new features in this version 3 ?” … here they are!


> Integration of a search engine
> Maps in full screen
> Better visibility of icons on the map (homepage)
> Integration of an interactive map concerning bike (Villo, bike shops, regional cycle routes, cycling points ,…)
> Integration of an interactive map car (Cambio stations, parking information with real-time transit parking ,…)
> Module Survey
> Free Widget (space to advertise for a contest or other)
> Development of the video feature
> Adding online forms (Taxis)


> Integration of a search engine
> Maps in full screen
> Development of the video feature

And of course, all theses new features were developed by an outstanding team … using Agile methods.

“Bravo” to Soulira, Karl, Vincent, Sebastien and Giuliano.

For information:

On the Mobility Portal Brussels you will find all info on travel modes (bike, car, subway ,…), sites current traffic conditions in real time and redevelopment projects in Brussels Region Belgium .

On the portal Brussels Public Spaces, you can find any information about the redevelopment of public spaces (roads, squares, tunnels, underground ,…) in the Brussels region of Belgium.

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