September, 27: Agile Tour Brussels (2nd edition of the conference)

Agile Tour Conference 1st edition


An Agile Conference will take place on September, 27 in Belgium: Agile Tour Brussels 2013 (2nd edition)

Registration is open and Program is available on our website

At Agile Tour Brussels, there will be both local and international speakers (U.S, U.K, France, Luxembourg, Italy) coming from various industries like IT, Game Development, Research, Teaching, Marketing…

You will learn and practice themes like Agile, Scrum, Kanban, XP, Lean, Innovation Games, Agile Games, Systems Thinking, Lean Startup and also Problem Solving and Soft Skills.
During the conference 2 type of sessions are proposed:
A Talk : Presenter is speaking for most of the time (often from a slide deck), with audience interaction
or a Workshop : Primarily focused on hands-on participation with the audience.

Exemple d’un Workshop. Les participants expérimentent le travail dit complexe à l’aide de Legos.

The balanced program offers you the possibility to choose anytime you want a session that could be for Beginners, Practitioners or Experts.

With 30minute-break between sessions and lunches, the Agile Tour Brussels is surely a good place for Networking. Last year we welcomed people from Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

You can buy your ticket via the “Register” link on our website:
Until August, 31st 2013, Price is 70EUR vat excl.
After August, 31st 2013, Price is 100EUR vat excl.There is a limited number of tickets available so don’t hesitate to register.
All information: Program, venue, prices,… are available on our website:

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