0/5 Five keys to succeed in your Agile/Scrum projects

Five keys...

I’m for the moment working on a serie of posts. Theme will be: “Five keys to succeed in your Agile/Scrum projects”.

The idea is to suggest five principles which, if implemented, will greatly increase your chances of success on a project using Scrum or methods Agile. Those posts will be based on various sources (training, coaching, feedback, lessons learned) . You can also apply these principles on a waterfall project using Prince2 or PMI.

Articles will cover Scrum principles, Agile principles but also other things like coaching principles or NLP concepts.

I have a lot of ideas and therefore I think this theme of the five keys will be divided into a series of posts.

I will conclude with two things, first of all thank you for your emails, your comments via the blog or via tweeter. It’s a real pleasure to share with you. A special thank you to Kelly Waters et Claude Aubry having me published. Thank you also to Dany Butaye and Lahcen Afif for helping me to set-up my blog.

Then I wish you a happy new year, full of happiness for you, your friends and families. Happy 2010 ! :-)


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