A Fall of Agile Conferences

Agile Conferences and...more Conferences

Hi All,

Blog is active…again.

Since quite long now, I haven’t published anything, but I’m back. I have plenty of good excuses for the delay :-)

The best, in my opinion, being the fact that I was busy organizing an Agile Conference in Belgium. The Agile Tour Brussels, an English speaking event. Program is available on http://atbru.be . Registration is open and the event will take place on 26th of October.


In the next few months, I will be speaker to some great Conferences, I hope you can join some, they are really nice events.

October 26th: I will be presenting Introduction to Scrum, the most used Agile Method, through Games at Agile Tour Brussels (BE)

November 8th I will have the pleasure to co-present 2 sessions at Agile Grenoble (FR):

November 22th, I will be at Agile Tour Lille (FR) presenting “Apprendre Scrum, la méthode Agile la plus utilisée, par le jeu”

November 28th I will be at Agile Tour Namur (BE) aka La Journée Agile and I will present: “Apprendre Scrum, la méthode Agile la plus utilisée, par le jeu”

November 29th and 30th I will be present @ XPDays Benelux (NL) where I will be presenting:

After those, December will be reserved for another kind of excitement… :-)

Take Care,


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