Agile France Conference 2010 (ex XP Days France)

I will be speaker at Agile France 2010

On May 31th and June 1st, the  French Agile Conference will take place in Paris. This Conference is formerly known as XP Days France.

I will be honoured to give a keynote named “Agile and NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) The eyes, ears and feelings…

A few words about this keynote: NLP is a new and “young” branch of psychology. NLP became famous because some Tv Series like CSI or The Mentalist speaks of it.

Far of the myths within those episodes, NLP is really a box of tools which will help you to succeed in your (Agile) Projects.

Feedback Agile Conference in Toulouse France (+Video)

This conference was for me the opportunity to meet the IceScrum team

March 19, I was in Toulouse France for the Agile SigmaT13 conference. Goal of SigmaT is to develop an Agile community in the “South-West” part of France. To do so, they make different actions, promotion meetings and conferences.

This conference was indeed a very nice experience for me.

14.30 I arrived at the university of Toulouse. My mission find my contact Claude Aubry. Claude was there, show me the place and invite me to meet the IceScrum Team.


Feedback 1st birthday evening of the French SUG (Scrum User Group) @ Microsoft France

Campus Microsoft Paris
Campus Microsoft Paris

In a previous post I told you had a plan to give a presentation in Paris, march 30th. It was for the first birthday of the French Scrum User Group. Here’s my feedback on this event.

I arrived in Paris around 4 p.m to avoid traffic jam, I was warmly welcomed by Xavier Warzee from Microsoft France. Microsoft was the sponsor of the evening and the event took place in their main offices in Paris. Xavier let me visit the place, all the offices, Tech-Rooms and let me “play” with the “Table-Surface”.

Scrum and Agile are taught at school !

Scrum in class
Scrum in class

A few months ago, via a comment on our Scrum Video, i met Jim. He is teacher in University (North Carolina – USA) and asked me if we had a “copyright free” version of our Scrum Video. Indeed Red Hot Chili Peppers, music on our Scrum Video is blocked by youtube, for a copyright issue. After some emails, i learned that Jim was teaching Agile and Scrum courses at University in collaboration with one of IBM’s leaders for their use of Agile.

Personally i was very happy to learn that future consultants, project managers, developers,… can be so soon in touch with Agile techniques.

Scrum 2.0

Follow the leader
Follow the leader

First of all I would like to apologize… I’m really sorry… for such a “buzz title” in this post ;-) Okay but, let’s see what’s beyond this “Scrum 2.0” expression.

In the project we worked 6 months using Scrum, the release was done and we had one month off. After the one month off, we were supposed to continue working on the same project with a second release in the next 6 months. Before starting, we took the opportunity for a lessons learned about our 6 first-months of work. One point was about the way we work in Scrum mode. Should we do exactly the same during the next 6 months ?

1/5: Team is “multi-tasks” (Five keys to succeed in your Agile/Scrum projects)

Team is "multi-tasks"
Team is "multi-tasks"

When i initiate a project, i regularly have this question from a team member. “Look, what specifically will be my role on this project ?”. And i always answer… “i don’t know”.

To make your project a success first point to consider is that the team (and so do you) must be “multi-tasks”. Indeed, on a Agile or Scrum project , do not expect to have a “job description” with the different actors (developer, analyst ,…) and the various tasks associated with these roles (the developer is responsible for code ,…). No, on a Scrum / Agile project we can summarize pragmatism by: “Project comes first”. If the project success requires you go and buy colourful post-it notes in a shop, then you do.

0/5 Five keys to succeed in your Agile/Scrum projects

Five keys...

I’m for the moment working on a serie of posts. Theme will be: “Five keys to succeed in your Agile/Scrum projects”.

The idea is to suggest five principles which, if implemented, will greatly increase your chances of success on a project using Scrum or methods Agile. Those posts will be based on various sources (training, coaching, feedback, lessons learned) . You can also apply these principles on a waterfall project using Prince2 or PMI.

Articles will cover Scrum principles, Agile principles but also other things like coaching principles or NLP concepts.

Web portals Made with Agile and Scrum

Portal about mobility in Belgium

On  December 16th, we have deployed the third version of our two Web portals. Brussels Mobility and Brussels Public Spaces.

I can already hear you asking me… “but what are the new features in this version 3 ?” … here they are!

> Integration of a search engine
> Maps in full screen
> Better visibility of icons on the map (homepage)
> Integration of an interactive map concerning bike (Villo, bike shops, regional cycle routes, cycling points ,…)
> Integration of an interactive map car (Cambio stations, parking information with real-time transit parking ,…)
> Module Survey
> Free Widget (space to advertise for a contest or other)
> Development of the video feature
> Adding online forms (Taxis)