September, 27: Agile Tour Brussels (2nd edition of the conference)

Agile Tour Conference 1st edition


An Agile Conference will take place on September, 27 in Belgium: Agile Tour Brussels 2013 (2nd edition)

Registration is open and Program is available on our website

At Agile Tour Brussels, there will be both local and international speakers (U.S, U.K, France, Luxembourg, Italy) coming from various industries like IT, Game Development, Research, Teaching, Marketing…

You will learn and practice themes like Agile, Scrum, Kanban, XP, Lean, Innovation Games, Agile Games, Systems Thinking, Lean Startup and also Problem Solving and Soft Skills.
During the conference 2 type of sessions are proposed:
A Talk : Presenter is speaking for most of the time (often from a slide deck), with audience interaction
or a Workshop : Primarily focused on hands-on participation with the audience.

Call for Sessions Agile Tour Brussels 2013

The Agile Belgium Community is calling for speakers for the Agile Conference: Agile Tour Brussels 2013. This event will take place on the 27th of September in Brussels Belgium.

Deadline for submission: 20th of June 2013

What’s Agile Tour Brussels?

Closing Agile Tour Brussels 2012
Closing Agile Tour Brussels 2012

It’s the 2nd edition of the conference Agile Tour Brussels. Last year we gathered attendees and speakers from Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland to share our passion for Agile. The purpose of this conference is to gather in one place Agile practitioners and people wanting to know more about Agile.

Agile Games Night II – Brussels – 6th of June

Let’s play Agile Games

As you may know, every month, the Agile Belgium Community organizes Drinkups, See here for more details. During the drinkups of February, several participants told us they would like to have an evening with an agenda, preferably on the topic of Agile Games.

In March we decided to relaunch the Agile Belgium User Groups by organizing a first Agile Games Night @ Touring Insurance. You can have a look at this past event here.

We are happy to announce you that we will organize a second User Group on the same theme: The Agile Games Night II on 06/06/2013.

Hello 2013

Closing Agile Tour Brussels


The end of 2012 was quite busy and full of excitements… Here are my last news.

The Agile Tour Brussels, was a success we were almost sold-out and we have received plenty of nice feedback from the participants. We will do it again in 2013. If you want to be part of the organization team for 2013, just let me know. Slides of presentation are available on

My first Agile Grenoble was a great experience for me. One of the greatest conference of France without any doubt. I especially liked the audience, very mature in my opinion.

Scrum on TV…again ! (Video Games Market)


A few months ago, I was trainer for a training program. Theme was The Video Game Industry. It was organized by a Belgian Video Games Studio: Fishing Cactus. I was in charge of the project management course (using Agile and Scrum). Indeed Scrum is the most used method in the Video Games Industry.

After a few months, six students have created their own studio: Atomic Turtle Studio. Drip, their first game is already available.

In this video, you can see them “in action”. And mostly, you can also see Scrum in the real world. You can even hear the word “Scrum” around 1’43”. Video is french speaking. (Vidéo Tele MB – Mons Television)

An Agile Conference in Belgium

Agile Tour Brussels


I’m happy to announce that, together with the Agile Belgium Community, we are organizing an Agile Conference in Belgium. The Agile Tour Brussels 2012.

The Program of the Agile Tour Brussels is now online ! Description of sessions are available.

We have very nice sessions and great speakers from Belgium, France and Netherlands ! You can check our speakers profiles.

This conference will take place in Brussels on the 26th of October.

The Registrations are now open. You can buy your ticket via the “Register” link on our website.

A Fall of Agile Conferences

Agile Conferences and...more Conferences

Hi All,

Blog is active…again.

Since quite long now, I haven’t published anything, but I’m back. I have plenty of good excuses for the delay :-)

The best, in my opinion, being the fact that I was busy organizing an Agile Conference in Belgium. The Agile Tour Brussels, an English speaking event. Program is available on . Registration is open and the event will take place on 26th of October.


In the next few months, I will be speaker to some great Conferences, I hope you can join some, they are really nice events.

Call for speaker Agile Conference in Belgium (Agile Tour Brussels 2012)

Agile Tour Brussels - An Agile Conference in Belgium on 26-10-2012


The Agile Belgium Community is calling for speakers for the Agile Conference : Agile Tour Brussels 2012. (Date 26 October 2012 – Brussels Belgium)

The purpose of this conference is to gather in one place Agile practitioners and people wanting to know more about Agile.

We would like this event to be an Agile Belgium community gathering.

To submit a session, we ask you to:

– Create an account on the agile tour website